Jess Wagner

Jess (she/her), an urban planner by trade, is ardent about building resilient and accessible communities. She is adamant that forward planning, apt policies, and inclusivity are the foundation of a sustainable future. 

Diligent in project workflow, with a keen eye for detail, Jess has been thriving in Verdis’ collaborative environment. Since joining the team in 2021, Jess has meaningfully updated and expanded hiring practices. She has developed and implemented onboarding processes which focus on the specific needs of each new hire. Jess’ favorite accomplishment – her pièce de résistance – has been successfully leading a small team through the B Corp Certification process. 

Jess’ passions include transportation planning, growth management, sustainable infrastructure, community engagement, and baseball. Her Gallup Strengths are Input, Restorative, Arranger, Responsibility, and Context.

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