The first step toward making realistic, measurable sustainability progress is to measure your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions level and understand where they come from.

Our experienced team has produced GHG inventories for a wide variety of clients, from multinational corporations and multi-county municipalities to large nonprofits. We are well-versed in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and closely follow the guidance from this key framework to deliver an inventory that is the most representative of your organization’s footprint.

Annual GHG Inventory

Conducting GHG inventories each year is a critical step to identifying opportunities for emissions reduction and tracking progress toward your goals over time. The goal of annual GHG inventories is to assist in making both short and long-term mitigation decisions, increase awareness of your efforts, and provide accountability to key parties. Similar to our baselining work, we work with your team to collect all necessary information on an annual basis to provide an update to your Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas inventory.

GHG Verification

GHG verifications guide a replicable and consistent structure to report emissions over time and provide validation to your efforts for your internal and external partners.

If you already have your inventory, we verify your greenhouse gas inventory for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for accuracy and completeness and provide a report summarizing key findings and any necessary corrective actions. Once corrective actions are taken, we work with you to ensure your inventory is fully verified. 

We assist you in developing sustainable construction and design guidelines that inform future construction and renovation to ensure alignment with your organization’s sustainability goals.

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