Interested in Joining Team Verdis?

We may not always be hiring, but we are always looking for good people to hire when the time is right. If you’re interested in joining the team, please send a resume to We normally – but don’t always – post open positions, so it’s absolutely worth your time to send information over even if we’re not actively recruiting.

If and when we do post a job, we will do so on the blog. Depending on our timeframe and the quality of the resumes already on hand, we will sometimes post openings on websites such as and

Just to give you a flavor for what we’re typically looking for, below is a fairly generic posting for an entry-level position.


Verdis Group, LLC is seeking qualified individuals for a staff position. Ideal candidates will have a passion for and knowledge of sustainability, excellent communication (both verbal and written) skills, be adept at managing multiple responsibilities simultaneously, and have good data analysis capabilities.

The skills and abilities necessary to sufficiently perform the duties are varied and require the individual to be adept at many tasks. The position requires flexibility, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for the work. Generally speaking, the successful candidate will perform a variety of qualitative and quantitative analyses, effortlessly advise clients on how to be more sustainable, and effectively communicate with colleagues and clients.

The successful candidate will perform the following tasks:

  1. Data Analysis: Conducting a variety of different numerical and theoretical analyses. Collecting, managing, tracking, analyzing, and summarizing data are very important components of the job; we will be placing a high emphasis on these abilities.
  2. Sustainability Knowledge & Strategies: It is our job to consult organizations on how they can be more sustainable; having in-depth knowledge of the industry and the sustainability strategies organizations can and should pursue is imperative.
  3. Communication: Effectively communicating, in verbal, written, and in some cases visual/graphical form, is an important component of the job. The ideal candidate will be able to communicate technical information in a clear, concise, and accessible manner.
  4. Project Management: The successful candidate will be expected to lead some smaller projects with an opportunity for increased project management responsibility.
  5. Other duties as assigned: We’re a small business, which often requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. New responsibilities will pop up, and the ideal candidate will be able to effortlessly handle many of them.


  1. Thorough and accurate in all duties and responsibilities. Attention to detail is a key component of the position.
  2. Ability to think critically, problem solve, and trouble-shoot issues.
  3. Excellent planning and organizational skills and an ability to prioritize and manage multiple duties and tasks simultaneously.
  4. Ability to collect, organize, input, and analyze data in an extremely accurate and efficient manner, and an ability to effectively communicate the information.
  5. Knowledge of sustainable best practices as they pertain to businesses, organizations and communities.
  6. Skilled in using Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Apple software. Proficiency with Adobe’s Creative Suite would be a nice bonus.
  7. Skilled in demonstrating cooperation and professionalism.
  8. Ability to work well with minimal supervision in a team-oriented environment.
  9. Ability to effectively work and interact with various cultures and ethnicities.

Our mission: we integrate sustainable strategies that help organizations flourish.

Our work commonly falls into two categories: 1) sustainability master plans and 2) ongoing advisory services to assist clients with implementation of operational and behavioral strategies. In both cases, it’s important for us to be extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter at hand. We dig into the data, find trends and opportunities, crunch the numbers, and then effectively communicate the relevant information. Once the plan is in place, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to get things done. The implementation can and does take many forms: helping to facilitate green teams and their projects, leading lighting retrofits, studying institutional-scale composting programs, overhauling a waste and recycling process, identifying ongoing energy conservation measures, and then tracking all of the progress.

Our values are important to the work we do. We love the work and it shows in our approach. We involve the entire team in decision-making, and we expect everyone to work hard but not too much. Our values guide our ship and ensure we are focused on our mission. To that end, we work hard to adhere to the following Verdis values:

Passion. We believe we have the power to transform business as usual and make our world resilient and thriving.

Inclusivity. We believe a thriving and resilient world is an equitable one, and are committed to creating this world with all people.

Integrity. We’re not going to greenwash, and we won’t let our clients either. Seriously, it’s not an option.

Balance. We recognize the interdependence of the world’s economic, ecological and social systems and believe every decision made should reflect consideration of all three systems.

Collaboration. We believe we’re not alone, and we rely on our friends, clients, community and colleagues to help us create a resilient future.

Innovation. We believe ecosystem edges are diverse, resilient, and dynamic for a reason. We’re not going over the edge, but we’ll hang out there for a spell – it’s where the magic happens.

Continuous Improvement. We have a thirst for learning and are always searching for ways to improve.

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