Waste reduction and diversion are complex issues for every organization. We provide the expertise and guidance to achieve your goals. Each organization has a myriad of specific challenges to solve, and often lack the knowledge and experience for how to solve them. Since our founding, we have worked on waste and recycling solutions more than any other sustainability issue, making us experts in the field.

Recycling Expertise

We can help your organization establish an effective recycling program that works for your employees, students or visitors. We are experts in the best practices of recycling management, including materials management, container choice and placement, signage, communication plans, custodial workflow, facilities problem-solving, hauler issues, recycling processor dynamics and more. We stay abreast of the rapidly changing recycling market and can advise you on the best and most cost-effective strategies for changes that may lie ahead.

Waste Reduction

We also work with organizations to reduce waste. This might involve advising on purchasing decisions that will be effective yet more sustainable; starting a composting program; or establishing processes to reuse materials.

Behavior Change Programs

Individual choices are ultimately what drive recycling programs. People need to be effectively educated and engaged to make a recycling program successful. We are experts in creating behavior change programs that encourage individuals to recycle and to recycle correctly.

Local and Regional Expertise

In Omaha and Lincoln, we are highly engaged in waste issues that affect the community, with years of experience under our belts, knowledge of regulatory issues, and the community contacts to enable us to make effective change. Outside of Nebraska, our expertise allows us to know who to call to get the answers we need to get your system functioning at optimum level.