Wayne Warrington

Wildlife biologist, non-profit professional, sustainability researcher, certified communications trainer, entrepreneur, higher-education faculty… Wayne (he/him) is a multidisciplinary professional with over twenty years of experience spanning cultural organizations, governmental entities, and both public and private enterprises.

His interdisciplinary background, coupled with his extensive experience in sustainability and climate action consulting, has equipped him with a unique ability to bridge diverse industries and professional disciplines that are often siloed. With a passion for translating complex ideas into actionable strategies, Wayne excels at synthesizing diverse viewpoints into compelling narratives that drive positive change. 

Wayne holds a Master of Sustainability Solutions degree with an applied research focus on resource reduction and behavior change, further complemented by a Bachelor’s degree with dual focuses in Environmental Conservation and Evolutionary Ecology. He is also a certified communications trainer and holds multiple certifications, including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4. Wayne is pursuing a Climate Change Professional certification to further enhance his expertise in addressing the challenges of climate change.

Throughout his career, Wayne has been deeply involved in the sustainability efforts of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), serving as a steering committee member for the AZA Green Scientific Advisory Group and coauthoring published research exploring sustainability initiatives within these institutions.

His recent work includes conducting materiality assessments, carbon offset advising, climate action plan implementation support, strategic advising, and providing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) services, including leadership training. 

Wayne’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond his professional endeavors; he actively participates in various sustainability committees for local, regional, and national organizations. Through his speaking engagements and teaching experiences, he continues to inspire others to embrace sustainability as a core value and take meaningful action towards a more resilient future. His Gallup Strengths are Belief, Input, Intellection, Learner, and Strategic.

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