Meet Team Verdis: Ashley Jonas

Ashley Jonas (she/her) is an interdisciplinary problem solver with an anthropological perspective. She excels in analyzing and managing large volumes of client data and translating complex inputs into clear insights.

Ashley studied language, culture, and sustainability in Spain and conducted grant-sponsored research on environmental variables affecting conservation in Nebraska. She has a BA in Environmental Studies and Global Studies from the University of Nebraska.

Ashley’s Gallup Strengths are Futuristic, Intellection, Input, Focus, and Achiever.

The best advice I’ve ever received: After everything is said and done, people aren’t going to remember you for what you said or what you did; they will remember how you made them feel. This mantra helps to relieve the tension of finding the exact words to say and serves as a reminder to actively listen to those around me and hear what they have to say.

My favorite days always include: Late nights, comedic relief, and great vegetarian meals (never with mushrooms)

One skill that everyone should learn: Try looking at life from an anthropologist’s point of view. Our world is diverse, but we often forget to see things from others’ perspectives. Seeing through their eyes helps us understand and be more empathetic, something we could all use more of.

My favorite place in the world: Cafés that serve egg and cheddar croissant sandwiches.

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