Meet Team Verdis: Joey Gruber

Joey Gruber (she/her) is passionate about sustainability engagement and education. As an analyst, she implements engagement strategies, promotes organizational change, and supports ongoing projects.

Joey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and IT Innovation from the University of Nebraska–Omaha. While at UNO, she designed and implemented waste management and compost programs on campus. As a student advocate, she also learned the importance of mitigating climate impacts and implementing inclusive climate resilience strategies.

Her Gallup Strengths are Includer, Restorative, Learner, Arranger, and Positivity.

My role at Verdis, in one sentence: I support our client’s climate action efforts through engagement, data visualization, and project management.

Something I’ve learned at Verdis: Ask all of the questions. At Verdis Group, we highly value communication, and as I started getting more familiar with our processes and clients, I found that asking questions was essential. Everyone on the team will tell you to ask questions and provide you with thoughtful answers. Questions are also important in our day-to-day work when looking at data and helping our clients make an impact.

My favorite days always include: My favorite days include fall weather, a hot cup of tea, an outdoor adventure, and great food with friends.

My favorite memory at Verdis: It is hard to just pick one memory. Working alongside such an incredible team means great memories happen all the time. One of my fondest memories is celebrating my birthday in the office: lots of laughs, pastries, and good chats.

The best thing I’ve read: I am a big fan of memoirs and autobiographies because they give me a new perspective on the world around me, but one of my favorite books, as of late, is Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.

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