Verdis Group: 2023 Year-in-Review

As we say hello to 2024, the team at Verdis wanted to reflect on 2023 – a year of remarkable growth and impactful projects. Our journey in the past year has been shaped by meaningful collaborations, client success stories, and a collective effort toward a thriving and resilient world.

Below are just a few of the highlights about our clients and company growth. Click here to learn how our team grew in 2023 and about our new B Corp certification!

Key Achievements

Client Growth

We are thrilled to report a substantial increase in our client base in 2023. The trust our clients place in us has been the driving force behind our growth. We once again grew by more than 30% and served just over 60 clients in 2023, marking a significant milestone for us. We are so proud to be the sustainability partners of choice for organizations committed to making a difference.

AIA’s Large Firm Roundtable
We are now working with several members of the AIA’s Large Firm Roundtable, which is comprised of the largest architecture firms in the United States and beyond. These partnerships have been very fulfilling and have allowed us to achieve our goal of having a big impact on the world. 

Zoos & Aquariums
Our work in the zoo and aquarium industry also expanded with several new and expanding clients. Of particular note, we are helping members of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership measure their emissions, develop plans to decarbonize, and are guiding the implementation of those plans. 

Long-lasting Partnerships
We have also maintained long-lasting relationships with several clients with whom we’ve been partnering for years, including the Metropolitan Airport Commission (Minneapolis/St. Paul), the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine, Nebraska Methodist Health System, and First National Bank of Omaha, to name just a few.

Climate Action & Resilience Plans
We love co-creating climate action and resilience plans, and there were more than ever in 2023, including Metro Parks Tacoma, Kirkwood Community College, Aquarium of the Pacific, Saint Louis Zoo, SSA Group, and the City of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Geographical Impact 

Explore the geographic footprint of our projects in 2023. From coast to coast, our sustainability initiatives have made a tangible difference. Each pin on the map represents a city where Verdis has contributed to the sustainability efforts of our clients.

Heading into 2024

As we look back on 2023, our team is immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the global sustainability movement. The trust of our clients, the dedication of our team, and the positive impact of our projects fuel our enthusiasm for the challenges ahead. We are excited about the possibilities that 2024 holds and remain committed to climate action that counts.

Thank you to our clients, partners, and team members for a remarkable year!

About Verdis Group

Founded in 2009, Verdis Group is headquartered in Omaha, NE with staff in Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, and New York. Verdis Group, a certified B Corp, provides consulting services for climate action planning and implementation for cultural and religious organizations, higher education, municipalities, zoos and aquariums, and the financial services industry. 

We have completed dozens of climate action planning projects in the past 14 years. Our knowledge of climate impacts and vulnerabilities, combined with our ability to collaboratively develop strategies, allows us to offer an unparalleled level of service. Our team is trained in Technology of Participation (ToP) methods to facilitate engaging workshops that enable groups to build consensus and achieve a shared vision. Our Analytics Team specializes in greenhouse gas accounting, decarbonization planning, and creating systems to track progress over time. 

In addition to our planning prowess, many of our clients retain us to help them implement strategies that emerge in the planning process, giving us wide-ranging expertise on issues such as climate resilience, emissions reduction, community engagement, waste management, purchasing, transportation, behavior change, and much more. Our implementation work helps to ensure that the climate action plans we help create are grounded in the realities of execution, which ensures our clients are poised to take action.

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