Ideas for Personal, Organizational & Community-Based Climate Action

At our Regenerative Leadership Community’s latest gathering, we reflected on the recently released report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I outlined the key takeaways, which Verdis Group shared on our blog earlier this month, then we split into small groups to share our authentic reactions to the report’s daunting conclusions and forecasts. 

We know that our future climate depends on our current decisions, so after acknowledging some shared frustrations, we asked ourselves what we have the power to change. Using a Miro board, our Regenerative Leadership Community created virtual sticky notes with ideas for personal, organizational and community- and family-based actions.

Ideas for personal action included less plane travel, reducing paper use, self-care and meditation, buying fewer material goods, and discussing climate change more plainly with our children. Organizational ideas included educating co-workers about climate action and how it relates to the organization’s mission, and urging leadership to implement a climate action plan. Community- and family-based ideas included voting, shopping local, advocating for local environmental policies, and meeting people where they are while discussing climate change more often in everyday conversations.

If you want to expand and track your personal sustainability efforts, Count Us In is a great online tool to help you do that. The website offers several ideas for meaningful actions that many of us can make and logs your progress over time.

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