LOVErdis: Giving Back to the Community

We are really, really lucky. Day in and day out, we get to do what we love for people that we really respect. It’s a gift that we absolutely recognize and don’t take fror granted. Which is why just over a year ago we created LOVErdis. It’s our mechanism for giving back. And today, on Valentine’s Day, we want nothing more than to sprinkle a little love throughout the community.

There are basically two components to LOVErdis: First, straight up cash. We’ve created a charitable giving account with the Omaha Community Foundation wherein we manage all of our “LOVErdis making”. While we’re not the biggest corporate donors in the country, every little bit helps. And those organizations we’ve supported thus far are always extremely grateful to receive our donation. Since creating LOVErdis, we have supported the following organizations:

Our 2012 plan for giving is pretty well sketched out. We choose twleve every year. Each Verdis team member gets the opportunity to independently select one organization, and then we all must agree on the remaining seven. Gifts are made monthly.

The second element of LOVErdis is about sweat equity. We want to escape from Verdis HQ and spend some time in the community doing good. We all do this individually, but our plan is to do it as a team. Internal discussions about what to do are just getting started so we would love input from anyone. Where should we go? What should we do? Adopt a garden? Paint-a-thon? Jump Rope for Heart? All ideas are welcome! Help us determine where to spread our seeds of LOVErdis.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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