First National Bank Gains Clarity and Consensus with Net Zero Pathway

From the beginning of our partnership with First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), it was clear their operating philosophy reflected elements of sustainability, such as efficiency, innovation, and care for communities and employees. Since 2019, Verdis Group has helped FNBO nurture these core principles and implement a wide range of sustainability initiatives.

When FNBO first hired Verdis, they already were committed to making a positive environmental impact and were working to reduce emissions, collect data, and chip away at any “low-hanging fruit.” But to understand the bigger picture, FNBO needed guidance to define its goals, leverage the appropriate resources, and integrate sustainability into their larger mission.

A key cornerstone of Verdis Group’s work with FNBO was our Net Zero Pathway (NZP) modeling, which provided them with an explanation of their current emissions and which strategies to prioritize to achieve net zero emissions. Our NZP engaged company-wide leadership in collaborative workshops to identify roadblocks and establish consensus.

The NZP also played a major role in informing FNBO’s Sustainability Master Plan, which was completed in 2021. Three major goals came out of this plan: Net zero Scope 1 and 2 emissions, 90% waste diversion, and a 20% reduction in water consumption. In addition to establishing rigorous but realistic goals, the plan defined specific pathways for how to reach them.

We know that fighting climate change and realizing a resilient future requires a sense of collective responsibility. Tim Malik, FNBO’s Senior Director of Property Management and Facility Maintenance, and his team, have demonstrated an invaluable commitment to this sense of responsibility. We continue to support FNBO as they make significant progress in implementing strategies defined by their Sustainability Master Plan and leading the way in creating a sustainable financial services industry.

(Photo by Tim Umphreys on Unsplash)

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