Omaha Transportation Survey Results

Last month Public Opinion Strategies conducted a phone survey of 400 Omaha residents (registered voters) to learn about city residents’ opinions regarding transportation. Public Opinion Strategies published a memo to summarize its findings. Interestingly, the survey shows that even though there is a strong preference for driving a car among Omaha residents, 72 percent favor “increasing spending to expand and improve public transportation, sidewalks and bike lanes in Omaha.” Even more surprising is that 57 percent favor increasing such spending even if it requires a tax or fee increase.

As Omaha winds down on the transportation master plan process, this survey demonstrates tremendous support for dedicating some percentage of transportation spending to offer more choice, including public transportation and infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists. Lowering the bar to transportation choices will make Omaha a more vibrant and attractive place to live and allow it to remain at the top of so many national rankings of cities’ economic and social vitality.

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