New video claims “There is no Tomorrow”. If true, what do we do today?


Two weeks ago a new video from Incubate Pictures in association with the Post Carbon Institute was released that summarizes the fundamentals of energy as the underlying force for the way of life of many people in a fun, concise, albeit pessimistic, way. It has since gone viral and there are people embracing it as prophetic and others criticizing it as unrealistic. Where do you fit in that spectrum?
I’ll warn you now, it is pessimistic (just look at the title)–a bit too pessimistic in my estimation, but still a good overview of energy fundamentals and a thought-provoking discussion starter. I have given presentations very similar to this for the past five years to organizations and communities, and then we discussed what implications it has for their way of life and their community. So I can vouch for the credibility of their information.

As you watch the video, here are a few questions to think about:

  • Is this a realistic portrayal of where we are?
  • If so, what opportunities are there for us today?
  • If not, what alternative do you think is most likely?

I’d love to discuss the implications the information in this video presents for businesses, communities and individuals. I see great potential and opportunity as our energy sources and world change. The question is, how will we engage those changes?

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