New People & Places

We’ve been unbelievably busy lately, which is a good thing! Unfortunately it’s meant that we haven’t been great at sharing some important Team Verdis news. Let’s get to it.


First things first, we need to officially welcome Grace Thomas to the team. Grace recently graduated from Colgate University in central New York this spring and landed in Omaha in June of 2017. During her time in New York, Grace worked with the Glimmerglass Opera Festival in Cooperstown, New York, taking baseline measurements on a variety of sustainability metrics and culminating a document with several strategies the festival can pursue. She also worked extensively with Colgate’s Office of Sustainability, notably leading and planning a redesign of recycling and waste centers in upperclassmen residencies.

Grace has already been an exceptional contributor to the team, jumping head first into several projects. In only three months, she’s been knee-deep in data, developed and analyzed several surveys, conducted greenhouse gas inventories, and assisted with a waste characterization study (no, it wasn’t hazing). I’m impressed with her zeal for learning, ability to pick up on new ideas and information, and expertise in the field of sustainability. She’s been a great addition to the team and the community, and we’re lucky to have her.

Four fifths of Team Verdis enjoying the eclipse in Lincoln (missed you, Sally!). Grace is the one in the goofy-looking glasses.

Speaking of great people, Kay Carne gave birth to a sweet little girl in late April. After taking several weeks off to be with her new family member, Kay decided that she is going to take an indefinite leave of absence. While we’re bummed our friend and wicked-smart colleague isn’t at our side any longer, we are beyond excited for her opportunity to spend time with her family. She’s promised to stay in touch and will continue many of her important community building efforts, including work with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.


After seven years in Alley Poyner Macchietto’s CoLab, we are excited to announce that we’ll be moving on October 11 to Commerce Village in the Rail & Commerce Building at 950 South 10th Street. Our move is very bittersweet. We love our space at APM, and we did everything we could to stay, but we simply need more elbow room. Commerce Village is a co-working space in a ever-more-bustling part of town. We’ll have our own four walls and a door for the first time in addition to EV charging stations, a great weight/fitness room with regular classes, height-adjustable desks, indoor bike parking, good access to transit, and much more. Stop by anytime to see us and the space. And if you’re in need of a desk, suite, or space of any kind, come take a look; it might be just right for you.

Our Lincoln office also has new digs. In July we moved into Turbine Flats, which is also a co-working space. Their mission is “to create a robust, self-sustaining, collaborative environment for small and start-up businesses to bring their products and ideas to market”. Our Lincoln stalwart, Kim Morrow, is there four days per week now that we have a few nice projects in Lincoln. Her flat is fully equipped for her and allows for us to pop in anytime to work from Lincoln. It’s another great space we’re very happy with.

As we speed toward the end of 2017, I’m continually amazed at how quickly things change. The good news is that Verdis is stronger than ever, and we’re on pace for another exceptional year. It’s a great day to be a member of Team Verdis!

Onward and upward.

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