Meet our Intern: Gabby Peterson

Several months ago we posted an opening for a summer intern. We were overwhelmed with the quality and breadth of the responses we received. From coast to coast and across disciplines, it was a high-quality field, and we had to resist the urge not to hire two individuals.

After a series of grueling interviews, a tough contract negotiation and a weeks-long orientation, we’re happy to report that Gabby Peterson is already three full weeks into an eleven-week  (or more if we can talk her into sticking around) internship. Gabby is entering her senior year at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Northwestern University is in Evanston, IL, which is not far from Wrigley Field in Chicago.

She’s working on her Bachelor of Science in Journalism with minors in Environmental Policy and Culture, Classics. An interesting trio of foci to say the least, but we are excited to really push her limits in all three areas. Although it’s going to take a herculean effort for her to bring me up to speed on Culture, Classics.

In our short time together, we’ve already learned a few important things about Gabby and her capabilities:

  • Highly responsible. Before her first day of work she spent a few weeks in Europe. While there, she actually called me to talk through a few things. Uuuhhhh, Gabby, you’re in France. Don’t call me anymore.
  • Gallup Strengths: Learner, Input, Intellection, Relator and Ideation.  All but one of which are in the Strategic Thinking category, in which I have no Gallup Strengths. I like her already.
  • Great perspective. We asked her to start blogging, and I gave her a handful of ideas for what she could write about. She then offered another idea related to urban design and development and what role bars play. It was a dramatically better idea than any I offered.

We’re already depressed that she’s going to have to leave us come September. To date, we’ve only offered her a full-time position twice, although I suspect that number could ramp up quick towards the end of August. For now, we’re extremely happy to have her on board and are doing our best to minimize the extent to which she needs to visit this list of Ten Ways to Deal with Internship Boredom. Coffee anyone?

Onward and upward!

Gabby's coffee mug. She only gets coffee for far.


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