How to Create a Climate Action Plan

One of the most important things a community can do to accelerate climate action is to adopt a Climate Action Plan. Climate Action Plans are strategic planning documents for municipalities or large organizations that are committed to reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increasing their resilience to extreme weather events and other impacts of climate change. 

These documents aren’t meant to sit on a shelf. Over years, we’ve developed a process that is inclusive, collaborative, and actionable from the very start.

What are the keys to success? According to Kim Morrow, Verdis Group’s Director of Climate Planning & Resilience, successful Climate Action Plans must:

  • Prioritize inclusive and equitable community engagement. Public input isn’t simply a box to check. We work hard to meaningfully engage people from underserved communities so their voices are not only at the table, but setting the vision.

  • Use a participatory decision-making process. We help communities assemble task forces with diverse perspectives and concerns, then facilitate their conversations to be efficient and effective. Our project managers are trained in participatory decision-making models, and can put them to use both in-person and virtually.

  • Be grounded in high-quality data. After measuring a community’s baseline with a GHG inventory, we can forecast what it will take to reach Net Zero. We use complex modeling to recommend actionable goals that organizations can realistically achieve or exceed. 

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