Hi. We’re Verdis. We love to help you flourish.


Two guys walk into a coffee shop and ask, “You want to start a sustainability business?” One replies, “Only if it can change the world.” The other says, “I concur.” Many months and several planning meetings later, Verdis Group was born in July, 2009.

We started Verdis Group because we saw a great opportunity to help organizations flourish by being kinder to the planet and by being better for people. We also saw a need to help others cut through the greenwashing of companies trying to make a quick buck without any substance behind their sustainability claims.

Our vision is a truly green world.

true.green. (n):
A state where people and the planet flourish in harmony

So, what’s a Verdis anyway? You’ll find a Verdis has many definitions, depending on our day at the office (one of our favorite pastimes is to create words and define them on our whiteboard). But one way to answer this question is by taking a look at our name. Like so many things at Verdis, we look at the root of the project to find appropriate solutions. When it came to creating a name for us, we looked at the root word of things.

Verde (n):
Green (Spanish)
Veritas (n):
Truth (Latin)

And so with these two words we get to who we are—Verdis.

Veritas + Verde = Verdis (n): True. Green.

Here we are today. Verdis was born out of the passion of two guys in Omaha who wanted to change the world to be true.green. And now, we do, every day. And we love it.

So that’s just a glimpse of us in a nutshell. Follow us on this blog to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how much fun we have. Who knows, you may even find some newly coined words once and a while.

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