Connecting Sustainability and Wellness in Omaha

Sustainability + Wellness = Thriving Business

Can organizations be truly sustainable if the customers and employees are not well? Can we claim success with wellness efforts if we neglect the wellness of the earth that gives us everything we need to live?

Wellness and sustainability are fundamentally connected to the triple bottom line of sustainability. But far too often, sustainability and wellness efforts are not leveraged and efficiently integrated. When businesses align these efforts, a new potential is released. Each effort propels the other forward. Ultimately, both the company and the community benefit from healthy people and a healthy planet.

Take the Lead

As wellness and sustainability efforts continue to expand in the business community, the natural next step is to better integrate and leverage them. Are you a leader in your industry? Do you want to stand out amongst your peers? You’re in luck, because WELLCOM, the regional leader in wellness at work, and Verdis Group are bringing this conversation to Omaha.

You’re invited!

Come explore how wellness and sustainability connect and enhance each other at “A Thriving Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profit,” WELLCOM’s Signature Innovation Symposium on November 7. You’ll hear from national and local leaders in sustainability and wellness and take part in an interactive workshop in the afternoon to find opportunities for your wellness and sustainability efforts to unleash new potential at work.

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