How Aquariums Can Take Climate Action with Verdis

Verdis Group is excited to team up with the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP) to support climate action at its 25 member aquariums across the country.

As climate change degrades ocean and freshwater ecosystems, Verdis Group and ACP are working together to advance engagement and action at aquariums. We provide a wide range of strategic tools including executive outreach, baselining, benchmarking, planning and implementation.

We offer ACP members three vital services that spell out strategic options and address a range of potential barriers. First, we will utilize our facilitation expertise to lead a CEO Roundtable that successfully contextualizes climate change, why it matters to aquariums and what aquariums can do to uphold their conservation missions. We also offer a Baselining Report that will compare an aquarium’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use to that of its peers. Member aquariums also have the opportunity to co-create an Industry-wide Strategy Bank in a cross-organizational workshop, and in tandem with Verdis Group’s own experience over the last 12 years helping organizations including zoos and aquariums to reduce waste and GHG emissions.

Verdis Group also looks forward to working directly with individual aquariums with diverse needs, from baselining current emissions to verifying sustainability claims. Aquariums will also benefit from strategic planning and implementation services including our Net Zero Pathway. The Net Zero Pathway is our three-step process to measure GHG emissions, set science-based targets and implement strategies to achieve Net Zero emissions — a critical step in the fight to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

We appreciate our aquarium clients and their commitment to conservation. Whether your organization is a current ACP member or not, we are ready to help you accelerate your sustainability progress. Reach out today at

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