Our team’s deep expertise can be applied to researching and developing solutions to some pretty complicated sustainability problems.

We perform research, develop white papers, complete studies, and create toolkits on a variety of topics.

Conduct ad hoc studies and initiatives

We perform in-depth research, analysis, and creative problem solving to help with one-time or on-demand needs. For example, we completed an Energy Element (part of a county or city’s comprehensive master plan) for Sarpy County and the City of Papillion, and we completed a parking and mobility study for Metro Transit. We’ve also created a Vacant Lot Toolkit for the City of Omaha and an Active Transportation Toolkit for WELLCOM, which connects the health and sustainability benefits of active commuting.

Share expertise & experience at speaking engagements

We engage teams in evocative sustainability workshops, presentations, and discussions and participate in opportunities to educate and entertain others about sustainability concepts, best practices, and thought leadership.

Facilitate Solutions Workshops

We guide teams through a process using the world’s longest-running R&D lab–nature–to help you innovate and develop creative solutions to your current challenges.