We lead organizations through a process to develop a sustainability, climate, and/or resiliency plans that articulate where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

Our ability to help large, complicated organizations with unique challenges clarify their path toward a more sustainable, resilient future is what we do best.

In developing a sustainability master plan, we are focused on a high level of engagement throughout the organization. There are many key steps in the process.

Identify sustainability successes

We acknowledge and build upon your existing sustainability accomplishments and successes.

Organize and analyze sustainability data

We gather and interpret the information that will inform sustainable decision-making.

Identify and quantify sustainability performance metrics

We identify the most appropriate key sustainability indicators and then collect the necessary information to set baselines for each indicator. Indicators often include energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, material waste production and recycling diversion, transportation modal split, employees/student engagement, and other people-focused metrics such as wellbeing.

Assess organizational sustainability engagement

We survey and listen to stakeholders to discover their sustainability awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. One method we employ is our Sustainability Engagement Index Survey, which allows us to calculate an engagement score and track it over time. We have several thousand data points from our previous and current clients, which allows us to compare and contrast results across many different spectrums.

Establish near- and long-term sustainability performance goals

We help you decide what key indicators are important to track over time, then build consensus around organizational goals that lead toward the vision.

Create and articulate a sustainability or resiliency vision

We lead you through the process of developing an inspired, shared vision for the future.

Identify and prioritize solutions, strategies, and decisions

We integrate our findings with research, experience, and expertise to recommend and prioritize the most appropriate actions for your unique organization.

The end result is a plan that clarifies where you are, where you want to go, and how you’ll get there.

Sustainable Design

We also partner with architecture and engineering firms to incorporate sustainable design into buildings and spaces, train and engage building users, and measure/communicate post-occupancy sustainability performance.