Arnaud Manas

Arnaud joined Verdis Group in April 2021. Arnaud earned his Master’s Degree in Strategic Procurement from IAE University and his undergraduate degree in Business and Management from University Institute of Technology 2, both in his hometown of Grenoble, France. He also earned a certificate in Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Accounting from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Institute.

Bringing six years of data experience from the procurement industry, Arnaud uses his analytical skills to solve complex climate problems, automate processes and bring visibility on sustainability solutions. He is passionate about the story behind the numbers and likes to uncover opportunities for improvement. He’s also interested in advancing sustainable purchasing practices with our clients. Before joining Verdis, Arnaud created Daintree Living, a web-based company aimed at helping individuals measure and then reduce their carbon footprint.

Arnaud is interested in building relationships that can drive us towards a better future. His Gallup Strengths are Activator, Developer, Includer, Arranger, Positivity.