Sally Hopley

Sally has been with Verdis since 2013 and her experience spans a multitude of projects. Sally handles major components of the firm’s work: managing and analyzing complex data, developing greenhouse gas inventories, creating sustainability engagement programs, and working on all aspects of sustainability master planning. Currently, Sally is adding to her skillset by diving into climate resiliency planning. She was also recently trained as a Technology of Participation facilitator, which allows her to bring expert facilitation skills to client workshops. Sally is driven to create large projects that produce enduring sustainable change for organizations and the surrounding community.


Sally is passionate about the connections between social issues, health, and sustainability. Outside of her Verdis time, she serves on the board of the local nonprofit, Green Omaha Coalition. Sally earned her Master’s in Natural Resources from Virginia Tech in 2012, which followed her undergraduate degree in International Studies from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Sally’s Gallup Strengths are Adaptability, Harmony, Input, Relator, and Arranger.